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Event Details

This module focuses on establishing and designing the future with science faction. Science faction is the intersection of the symbiotic relationship between fact and fiction.  In particular, it is a creative undertaking to explore a science fact and examine the implications, effects, and ramifications of that science or technology. In addition, it, therefore, focuses on visioning and prototyping, which are valuable tools in building future scenarios in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. The focus of this 90 minutes seminar focuses on converting ideas into narratives and reflecting on the outcome.

The seminar includes a presentation of critical developments in future casting: defining science faction, proceeding through a five-step process to create scenarios and finally reflecting and examining the implications of the outcome.

Format: 20 min first presentation by the tutor; 20 mins Q&A 20 mins second presentation; 20 minutes Q&A 10 mins plenary conclusions

What you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully distinguish between science fiction and faction
  • How to design science fiction prototyping based on a scientific fact (for examples click here)
  • Learn the five-stage stage process to faction prototyping
  • How to use design thinking to create various scenarios
  • How to examine and review the implications
  • How to evaluate a case example impact of Ex Machina and Westworld: the unintended consequences of AI


  • Access to a browser compatible with our streaming platform (Brave, Firefox or Opera)
  • Curiosity and passion for a flexible identity that can accommodate rapid change


  • If you have an account with Centered, please have your account connected before the session.