Accessible A.I.

Accessible AI is important because it can help to democratize the benefits of AI technology. By making AI tools and technologies available to a wider range of people, we can help to ensure that the benefits of AI are not only available to those who can afford to develop and use them. Accessible AI can also help to promote innovation and creativity, as it allows people from a variety of backgrounds and with different skill sets to explore and experiment with AI technology. Additionally, accessible AI can help to foster greater understanding and appreciation of AI, which can in turn lead to more responsible and ethical use of this powerful technology.

The ability to create artificial intelligence has come to the masses, as Google now offers a program that allows you to easily incorporate machine learning into your computer, website, apps, and more.

While the A.I. only works for identification purposes—teaching how to distinguish between different sounds, shapes, images, and movement—it and other recently developed programs are a precursor to the arrival of ever-more advanced machine learning in the home.

Runway ML, for example, offers artists, designers, filmmakers, and others an “app store” of machine learning applications that don’t require code.