Electronic Friends

Electronic friends, also known as online friends or virtual friends, are people with whom one has a relationship exclusively through the use of digital technology and the internet. Electronic friendships can form through a variety of online platforms and networks, including social media, messaging apps, forums, and gaming communities.

The importance of electronic friends lies in the fact that they can provide social support and connections in a digital world. For many people, especially those who are isolated or live far from their friends and family, electronic friendships can be a valuable source of companionship and support.

However, there are also potential pitfalls associated with electronic friendships. One of the main issues is the lack of face-to-face interaction and the potential for misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Without the ability to see and hear each other in person, electronic friends may have a harder time communicating and understanding each other, which can lead to conflicts or misunderstandings.

Another potential pitfall is the lack of accountability and authenticity in electronic friendships. Because electronic friendships are based on digital interactions, it is easier for people to hide their true identities or to present themselves in a way that is not accurate. This can lead to false or misleading information being shared, which can damage trust and relationships.

In summary, electronic friendships can provide valuable social connections and support in a digital world. However, the lack of face-to-face interaction and the potential for misunderstandings or deceit can also create challenges for these relationships.Try again

COVID has accelerated the already prominent trend of digitally induced isolation, but technology may have a solution on the horizon.

An Armenian company has developed a companion robot with A.I.-based behavioral technology that interacts with and comforts children during their hospitalizations and/or medical treatments.

Lonely narcissists can become famous and adored by millions of fans with the Botnet app, a social network simulator in which the user is the only human among a network of a million bot followers.

And the long-popular hand-held digital pet Tamagotchi now has digital capabilities that lets Tamagotchi owners connect with other owners to play games and enjoy virtual relationships via their Tamagotchi pets.