Sex sells, as everyone knows, so it should come as no surprise that tech is being used to sell more of it.

A sex toy innovator used A.I. to analyze more than 100 hours of oral sex videos to create settings for a new automatic B.J. machine that provides users with so many B.J. techniques that they’ll never have to receive the same B.J. twice. As a result, numerous companies are creating A.I.-powered sex doll robots, i.e. robot sex, that learn the users’ behaviours, react to the users’ touch, and strive to interact intimately with their human partners.

Given recent advancements in robotics, it might not be too long before your sex doll companion might be able to cook you up a snack after your intimacy session.

In our session on Future Casting, we look at examples in science fiction such as Ex Machina,  HBO’s Westworld, and 2050. We also look at Her and Bladerunner 2049 as the consequences of these more emotionally evolved sexual encounters.