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“Digital Citizens: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Life in the Digital Age” by Mark M. Whelan

Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology and the internet. It involves being aware of the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities that come with participating in the digital world.

The importance of digital citizenship cannot be overstated, as technology and the internet play a central role in many aspects of modern life. From communication and entertainment to education and work, digital tools and platforms are an essential part of our daily lives.

However, with the widespread use of technology comes a range of challenges and pitfalls. For example, the internet can be a source of misinformation and fake news, which can spread quickly and have serious consequences. Additionally, the use of technology can raise issues of privacy and security, as personal information and data are often shared online.

Digital citizenship involves being aware of these challenges and taking steps to address them. This can include being a critical and discerning consumer of information, practicing safe and secure online behavior, and respecting the rights and privacy of others.

In summary, digital citizenship is important because it helps individuals navigate the digital world responsibly and safely, and enables them to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers.Try again

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Currently only available in the country of Estonia, E-residency simplifies online access to numerous government services by providing business owners a digital identity that allows them to set up and manage an enterprise online from anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection.

An Estonian E-resident can access services relating to the country’s banking, taxation, business formation, official documentation, taxation, government reports, and other regulatory compliance needs.

The Global COVID-19 pandemic, and its influence in promoting remote work, will likely accelerate efforts by other countries to remotely offer such services.

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