Human Augmentation and Biohacking

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This event finished on 29 November 2023

Workshop Title: “Future of Humanity: Ethics, Law, and Social Dynamics of Human Augmentation and Biohacking”

Event Description:

Welcome to our groundbreaking online workshop, “Future of Humanity: Ethics, Law, and Social Dynamics of Human Augmentation and Biohacking.” This thought-provoking and comprehensive workshop delves into the fascinating intersection of technology and biology, exploring the multifaceted aspects of human enhancement technologies. It is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of the ethical dilemmas, legal frameworks, and social implications surrounding the rapidly evolving fields of human augmentation and biohacking.

Why Attend?

  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Stay ahead in understanding the latest advancements in human augmentation and biohacking.
  • Ethical Insights: Engage in critical discussions about the moral aspects of enhancing human capabilities through technology.
  • Legal Perspectives: Learn about the current legal landscape and future legal challenges posed by human augmentation.
  • Social Implications: Explore how these technologies could impact society, culture, and human interactions.
  • Interactive Format: Participate in debates, case studies, and group discussions for a comprehensive learning experience.

Who Should Attend? This workshop is ideal for bioethicists, legal professionals, medical practitioners, technology enthusiasts, researchers, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of human-technology integration.

Featured Sessions and Speakers: Our workshop brings together a diverse group of leading experts, ethicists, and pioneers in the field:

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stephen G. Gray a leading bio-therpaies specializing in human augmentation.
  • Legal Panel: Featuring attorneys and legal scholars discussing the evolving legalities of biohacking.
  • Interactive Debate: “The Limits of Enhancement” – a moderated debate between technology advocates and ethical skeptics.

Workshop Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Human Augmentation and Biohacking – Setting the Stage
  2. Ethical Dimensions – Balancing Innovation with Humanity
  3. Legal Landscape – Navigating Current and Future Regulations
  4. Case Study Breakout Sessions – Exploring Real-World Scenarios
  5. Social and Cultural Impact – A Societal Perspective
  6. Group Discussions and Collaborative Exercises
  7. Expert Panel Q&A – Insights and Forecasts
  8. Closing Remarks – Reflection and Future Directions

Special Inclusion: All participants will receive a resource pack, including relevant articles, case studies, and ethical dilemma scenarios for further exploration.

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System Requirements: Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a device capable of live streaming. A webcam and microphone are recommended for interactive sessions.

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